[TenTec] New filters

George Cutsogeorge w2vjn@rosenet.net
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:30:29 -0800

Since we purchased International Radio last spring, we have had a number of
requests about filters for the Ten Tec radios.  My knowlege of the Omni
radios is limited and some help from the people on this ng would be most

Any new filters introduced would have some characteristic that is not
currently available in the standard TT line, such as a different bandwidth
or improved selectivity.

Some inputs from the group regarding the following points would help.

     1.  What bandwidths would be most interesting?
     2.  The currently available filters are 6 and 8 pole.  Would there be
much interest in replacement 8 pole units for the current 6 pole units?
     3.  Any interest in 10 pole units?  Of course the price would be
somewhat higher.

Ten Tec is aware of our intent and has been kind enough to send us
performance information on the filters they offer, so we have info on the
bandwidths available, center frequencies and Zin/Zout values.  We do need
information on the pin diameter and spacing for the filters as well as the
head room available above the pc board.


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