[TenTec] Omni V

Duane A. Calvin ac5aa@juno.com
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 01:02:46 -0600

Before you purchase the Kachina, *BE SURE* to try one, hands-on.  As
someone who works a bit with computer interfaces, there are things that
work well with a PC monitor, and things that don't.  Make sure you're
going to want to be chasing a mouse around the screen or typing in
numbers to do simple chores like tuning, etc.  Everyone is different on
this, so you need to check it for yourself. 

	73,  Duane

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On Sat, 21 Feb 1998 19:13:06 -0600 gfbike <gfbike@millcomm.com> writes:
>I'm considering a Kachina (sorry!!) In order to fund this change, I 
>available a nice Omni V with serial port, 1.8 KHz filters in first and
>second IF. It is in perfect working order and has a new front panel 
>old one had a tiny scratch by the Phones jack) and new end caps. I 
>I'm kind of a perfectionist about how my equipment looks. There are,
>alas, a few scratches in the wrap case. Too costly to replace! Price 
>$1000, firm.
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