[TenTec] We Want AM

Nick F Marchitelli n2hsm@juno.com
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 06:27:29 EST

I love it

>Here's a "HEY, SCOTT" idea that occurred to me while writing my 
>post in praise of the Omni VI.
>I'd love it if TenTec offered AM receive through a low-cost 4-6 kHz
>ceramic filter and diode detector in the Omni.  Other filters 
>as always.  Then, manufacture an outboard shortwave converter you 
>attach to the AUX antenna. 
>It could be a simple crystal converter for the common SWBC bands, or 
>a 0.5-30 mHz synthesized converter with 500 hKz steps and output on 15
>meters.  Or something like that.  Such a converter could be sold to 
>ham-band-only rig owners, too. 
>This would give those who want it general coverage, without 
>the Omni's ham-band performance or adding much to the cost of the 
>radio. Scott, if you take up my idea, send me the first converter :-)
>Peter - KD7MW
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