[TenTec] Colonel, my reply was rejected (Army Red Tape??)

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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 12:05:03 -0400

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Hi, Colonel--

Sorry but I know a lot about the signs of one needing repair (or
re-greasing) since I have four of them in that condition.  So far, I
have been unmotivated to dive into the PTO's and install the kits I have
already purchased.  Seems I just buy another rig and yet another.
Because of this, I do not know anything about the mechanics of the drive
mechanism of those PTO's.

When I began reading your email, I wondered if the setscrew in your knob
was tight, but then you said the shaft was turning.

Cannot help you, but I am sure others on the reflector can!

73 de Mike N4NT@bigfoot.com

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From: COL Richard Knox <knoxr@cc.tacom.army.mil>
To: N4NT Mike Hyder <N4NT@bnoc.net>
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 10:48 AM
Subject: PTO Issue

> Hi Mike!
>    I was just reading your note to Steve and saw your comments on
> the PTO.  Please see if you can help me as it sounds as if you have
> some experience with these.
>    I just picked up a mint analog Century 21 with one problem...when
> I turn the tuning dial the shaft turns, but the frequency doesn't
> change, nor are the gears turning on the shaft as I look down on
> them from above.  I called TT and they said it sounded like the PTO
> needed repair, so I ordered the PTO Repair Kit...hasn't arrived yet.
>    But from your comments, my PTO doesn't seem to be exhibiting the
> normal indications of needing repair.  Any ideas before I tear it
> open and begin repairs?
>    Thanks for any help you can provide!  73!  Dick  KD4BRL

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