[TenTec] vacation hold

Dan Presley talljazz@teleport.com
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 10:06:29 +0100

Hi-there isn't a vacation hold, but I'm switching to the digest mode-you
need to send a request to <majordomo@contesting.com> to set to digest mode.
I fully agree with you about the small minded jerks who spout off; I'll bet
most of them aren't even ARRL members, nor have they ever opened a QST to
read what's really happening-how many have bothered to read the IARU column
to see what the rest of the world says about ham radio? I think they would
be shocked, and would realize that in fact the ARRL position is very
conservative compared to other countries like New Zealand.Lots of
'ostriches' out there.

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