[TenTec] Fair Price for a Titan?

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Sat, 28 Feb 1998 19:27:18 -0500

At 05:38 PM 2/28/98 -0500, Ronnie Black wrote:
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>>From: George Skoubis <gaskoub@wctc.net>
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>>Subject: [TenTec] Fair Price for a Titan?
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>>Hi, I have a friend who is selling a Titan Amplifier and I would like to
>>buy it but would like to know what the going price is.
>>  I don't want to cheat him, but also don't want to pay too much...
>>  I've been very happy with my Omni VI (Option 3 Upgrade), but would
>>like to add a substantial amp for busting those pile-ups.
>>  Please reply to gaskoub@mhtc.net , no need to tie up the list with
>>Thanks in advance,
>>George / KF9YR
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>>titans are selling from $1950.00 to $1750. a good clean late model the
>price should be about $1850.00 to $1950.00 . good luck.73 IVA

I paid $1750 for mine in very mint condition 4 months ago.
Good luck...Steve

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