[TenTec] FS: W9GR DSPIII Unit

David H. Hammond DHHDEH@concentric.net
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 09:05:40 +0000

Hello Everyone,

I am offering for sale my W9GR DSP III Outboard digital signal
processing unit. It would make an ideal outboard DSP for a TenTec
Transceiver without DSP included such as the Omni V or Corsair II or I.
Functions include auto notch, NR, CW filters, SSB filters and
combinations of these. Its a slick unit and competes with any DSP unit
on the market at a fraction of their cost.

This unit which I built as a kit two years ago was the subject of an
extensive article in QST in the mid 1990's and has become the largest
selling kit ever appearing in a QST write up. It is the subject of a
feature in the ARRL Handbook as well.

The W9GR DSP III can be seen on page 114 of the March QST. It sells new
for $168.00 plus shipping and I will sell mine for $110.00 shipped

The unit is very small and includes a silk screen cabinet in two shades
of gray.  Unit was built with deliberate care and looks and works as
new. Condition is mint inside and out. 

I am selling it because since my Omni VI was upgraded to Option III last
Summer I do not use it anymore because of the inboard DSP features of
the Omni. While not TT gear it would complement some older TT gear very
nicely. A chance for you to try DSP very inexpensively.

E-mail me with your interest.

73 fer nw de N1LQ-Dave

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