[TenTec] TT Century 21 and keyer/paddles?

Steve Ellington n4lq@iglou.com
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 19:46:29 -0500

> I am unfamiliar with this rig and and wondering what the value of it is,
> any desireable/undesireable features, vintage,inhearent problems, etc..
> Would appreciate opinions on this rig.

1. Value is whatever you can get it for. Certainly less than $100 I would

2. Good keying and breakin

3. Sufficent power, 50 watts I think.

4. Unusual "direct conversion" receiver. CW signals can be tuned both sides
of zero beat which reduces selectivity. Selectivity is accomplished by an
audio filter.

5. Stability is good.

6. Dial is analog.

7. Made to run on AC power.

8. Seems like it had only 3 bands. 80,40,15? Probably designed with the
novice operator in mind.

9 Still quite a few being used on the air.

10. Only problem I ever had was the screws getting loose on the filter caps
causing a loud hum. Otherwise, it's almost goof proof.

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