[TenTec] Click - Click - Click

Bill Clarke billclarke@mindspring.com
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 21:02:39 -0500

And so goes my neighbor's electric fence. No need in asking
her to find the broken insulator - it no doubt matches the
one located between her ears.

So here is the problem:  My Corsair II hears the fence
wonderfully - about S8. I can killl it with the noise
blanker, but the SSB fidelity price is very bad. Everything
gets very fuzzy and it appears to make the receiver very
broad. Using my FT-990 (yes, TenTen owners sometimes have
other rigs) the noise is about S7 and the noise blanker
takes it right out, with no disturbance of the audio

I prefer the Corsair, as it is appreciablly quieter than the
990, however, cannot get passed the electric fence. Any sane

Bill W2BLC

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