[TenTec] CQ Magazine review of Omni-VI+

Frank & Barb Ayers LOMAX1@prodigy.net
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 21:27:00 -0000

>I've always thought "Owners' Reports" would be useful to the amateur
>community.  An Owners' Report (notice the plural possessive) is a review
>a piece of equipment based on solicited comments from people who own the
>rigs.  Basically, a publication sends a questionnaire to owners of the

This would also include information on the customer service end of things
too. There are a few companies that I've dealt with that make calling them
a pleasure. Tentec is one of them. I've called them on quite a few
occasions and each time was a pleasure. That is, for me, a large part of
the equation.


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