[TenTec] Re: Herculese amp differences

NW9G nw9g@netusa1.net
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 08:53:46 -0500

>P.S. can anyone give me some input on the 444 amp? There was one for sale
>here yesterday and I would like to know more about the differences between
>the old 444 and the new 444A? Thanks.

The new Herculese II, if that is what you're referring to, is the model
420 and the older Herc is the 444.  The newer 420 Herc uses good 12v 
output transistors.  The older 444 used 50v transistor that you can no
longer get the exact replacement for.  Some guys say that motorola has
a 48v transistor that can be substituted but some guys say that it is
short lived in the amp.  I know that I am going to stirr up a mess here
cause I asked this same question a few months ago when I was faced with
the same situation.  I ended up buying a Titan.  I still relish the thought
of buying the 420 but after all the bad responses of the 444, I passed on it.
I called Scott, at ten tec and he also reassured me that they refuse to 
work on the 444 amp and that I would basically be on my own should I want to
repair it.  There are guys that will argue with this and say that the amp
is fine.  I never owned one for this reason and didn't take that chance.
Maybe others out there can shed some more light on the subject.  
P.S., I am in love with my titan, just wished it didn't make so much noise
and warmed up faster.  Other than that, it is a killer on hf.  
Good luck and hope that my misunderstanding can be of some help to you hi hi.

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