Duane A. Calvin ac5aa@juno.com
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 20:16:45 -0600

Better yet, spend a few minutes and write a complaint to the FCC.  I
don't know if they cna do anything about it, but it might help to keep
them informed of this kind of activity.  According to their web site, the
address for complaints is:

	Federal Communications Commission
	Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
	Enforcement Division, Room 8308
	2025 M Street, NW
	Washington, DC  20554

Just an idea - why grouse when maybe we can do something about it!

	73,  Duane

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On Sat, 07 Mar 1998 10:41:36 -0500 Bob McCourt <bmccourt@unix.cde.com>
>Thought everyone would like to see this. We wonder why there is
>so many problem's on this band!!!You can also email the vice
>oresident of this company for what it may be worth
>folk's...Here's the site...KD4AFW found it.
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