[TenTec] mail list

Nr5q Nr5q@aol.com
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 18:40:29 EST

I have decided to liquidate a lot of my gear while I am in good enough health
to do so. I have a rather long list that includes TenTec, Drake, and a lot of
classic gear. The list is far too long to include here. Drop me an E-mail
(NR5Q@AOL.COM) and I will forward a list to you. 

There are no bargains in the list, and nothing is overpriced considering the

Most every piece has an instruction book, but very few have original
boxes--just too many empty boxes to store.

Included are Corsair II, TR-4, R4-A, Omni V, DX-60, HT-37, HRO, HQ-120,
H!-129, HQ-140, T-60 and much more.

Please don't be impatient....I'll send the list as soon as possible, and no
phone calls please..I've a hearing problem. Thank you... 

Bruce, NR5Q

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