[TenTec] a T/R circuit question...

Ronald D Rossi rrossi@btv.ibm.com
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 15:37:14 -0500


Put on the thinking caps! ANY comments are welcome. I have very thick skin.

I am looking for a sort-of design review of a simple circuit I want to try out 
on the T/R connection between my Ten-Tec Omni-D and a Collins 30L-1 amplifier. 
The problem is the RF gets to the amp too quickly or alternatively the two 
mechanical relays inline take to long to energize.

I see two possibilities: 1) replace the T/R relay in the Omni with a fast reed 
relay. 2) suppliment the present relay with a transistor.

Here is my idea for the transistor in parallel with the relay:


The Collins 30L-1 is somewhat unique in that the T/R line has the negative 
grid bias voltage setting there. The circuit I am proposing should provide a 
virtual ground at the T/R connection for the time between the transistor 
turning on and the relay in the Ten-Tec kicking in.

Let me know what you think. 

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