[TenTec] Re: Recent Purchase of Argosy 525

bill buchanan wb4wen@hotmail.com
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 11:09:37 PST

>Recently purchased an Argosy 525 station. Very good shape, but I am in 
>the need of couple of items. I understand from Ten Tec a 220 filter in 
>the mixer would be better than the present 4 pole. This unit has the 
>KC IF filter and I have a marker unit to install. I have found the 
>filter for cw, but lack the NB unit (223A) as this is a 1000's serial 
>number. Any help in locating these items?
>Also, the SSB offset is Off frequency some (control pot needs 
>replacement) and the audio output is down....I suspect the feedthru 
>electrolytic cap? Are these common problems with this rig? I hope to 
>it electricly back to near new if possible.....
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