[TenTec] Re: ONLY 90 WATTS!

Dave Heil k8mn@clinet.fi
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 17:00:00 -0800

William K Hibbert wrote:

> The old "standard" definition of a Decibel indicates that a 1 dB change
> is JUST BARELY DETECTABLE.  A 0.458 dB change is not detectable by ear,
> and is almost impossible to see on the Guess-Meter.  Quibbling over >1/2 a
> Db is like arguing over which Mc Donald's Heart-Bomb is bigger at the
> counter...

That would certainly depend on what you're driving with it.
> I would just run the rig, but only after I got the power back down to a
> reasonable 5 watts (MAX!!!)

Guess that saves me the trouble of adding, "Who?"

> 72/73, Keith, WB2VUO, 100% QRP from the Depths of the Great Bergen
> Swamp...
> "My night light runs more power than my Rig!!!"


Dave Heil OH2/K8MN, A22MN, 9L1US, J52US
downtown Helsinki
"You have to be LOUD!" -- Martti Laine OH2BH describing the necessity of
the DX station having a good amp and decent antennas so that the QRPers
and indoor dipole men have a chance.

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