[TenTec] Paragon Kam interface -Reply

Roger Sellers rsellers@mail.rkd.snds.com
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 09:49:23 -0600

  About a year or so ago I was looking for input on how to properly connect my
Paragon I to my Kam Plus. Without going into the  details, lets just say
I'm not using it yet to any extent.
 Let me understand this, it's "only" 3 simple connections from the Paragon to the
Kam Plus connector? Nothing else?????

     Paragon        KamPlus (per Metcalf WebPage)
      RCA    to     PIN #
  Audio OUT        Pin 1 (Transmit Signal)
  Audio IN         Pin 6 (Receive Signal)
  PTT              Pin 3 (PTT)

On the Kam the following pins are not used?
Pin 2 (Ground)
Pin 4 (Key Out)
Pin 5 (FSK Out)
Pin 8 (External Carrier Detect)

If someone using a Paragon I with a KamPlus would confirm this I would be very
appreciative. If anything is in error, please correct me.

Thanks in Advance,
Roger Sellers  N5EEA
email: rsellers@snds.com

>>> "Steve Ellington" <n4lq%iglou.com@internet.rkd.snds.com> 03/23/98 09:28am >>>
>To interface the KAM to your Paragon you will need RCA phono plugs for the
>following connections on the rear panel:
> 1. Audio out
> 2. Audio in
> 3. PTT
>.... TenTec made interfacing with your TNC easy with those phono jacks...snip
>Steve Ellington
>Amateur Radio Operator N4LQ

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