[TenTec] Re: {TenTec} Paragon Kam interface

Duane A. Calvin ac5aa@juno.com
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:52:13 -0600

OK, that brings up a question.  When I wired my KAM+ to my Omni VI+, I
wired only the FSK feature as it handles 99% of what I do digitally
(RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR, and Gtor).  I know that by not wiring the audio
line in for AFSK I'm sacrificing packet due to the different shift
frequency.  The reason is that in other rigs (ICOM's) I've had problems
because the AFSK input line was connected to the Mic input, and the
result was distorted audio during SSB operation.  I would consider wiring
for AFSK I weren't going to have to pull the TNC or AFSK plugs when
operating SSB.  What are the experiences with this group - is this a
problem with teh Omni's or not?

	73,  Duane 

Duane A. Calvin, AC5AA
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On Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:44:48 -0600 "Dale L. Martin" <kg5u@hal-pc.org>
>>One note to be aware of - Kantronics wiring diagrams in their
>>manual are INCORRECT in describing the pinouts on the 8-pin DIN
>>connector.  The numbers are correct when they describe function
>>to a pin number, but the diagram of an 8-pin DIN shows the pins
>>numerical order going around the connector - this is NOT how DIN
>>are numbered.  For a correct layout, see the diagrams on the
>>web page:
>>Hope this saves others from having to tear down the connector
>and rewire
>>it like many of us have had to do!
>> 73,  Duane  AC5AA
>I recently wired up a KAM Plus to Paragon cable for all
>functions.  I made up my own wire list and drawing, using the
>hardware...that is, drawing the solder side of the DIN layout and
>ID'ing each pin visually.  We got to put the Paragon on the air
>with the KAM Plus for the first time last week and the cable
>worked like a champ.
>I also recommend to anyone contemplating making up a cable for
>their KAM (or other multi-mode TNC) to their Ten-Tec radio to
>wire it up completely for ALL functions.  That way, when you
>decide later to try computer CW or FSK instead of AFSK, or
>whatever, that capability will be there ready and waiting; you
>won't have to modify the cable.  Do it once.  Do it right.
>Dale, kg5u
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