John Unger w4au@contesting.com
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 09:38:17 -0500

The Corsair II has a handsome, functional all-business look. But, but as
Paul intimated [and not too subtlety :-)...] beauty is in the eye of the
beholder. One interesting note is that it is impossible for the uninitiated
to tell who made the Corsair II when you are looking at it; the front panel
of my rig does not have TenTec name or their logo on it. The only "name"
are the words "Corsair II".  Even the companion VFO is more clearly
identified as being from TenTec and has both the name and the logo.

The Corsair II uses the same xtal filters as the Omni VI and VI+ in the 6.3
MHz IF; it is a wonderful rig for both SSB and CW, but it really shines on CW.

73 - John, W4AU

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