[TenTec] For Sale or Trade

Richard W Collins richard@richanny.demon.co.uk
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 22:17:41 +0000

In message <199803201647.KAA14386@genesis.tanet.net>, Gordon Jacobs
<g_jacobs@wfec.com> writes
>I have a TEN-TEC DELTA II and power supply for sale $850 Shipped. and a
>Collins KWM 2 with 516 F2 [SS], for $650 shipped. Will take TEN-TEC 580
>DELTA , with N/B and WARC in trade. Gordon KA5ZTI g_jacobs@wfec.com

Hi Gordon, Wonder if that Delta II is yours and that you're not happy
with it? But sorry, my Delta 580 is NOT for sale! Its a super cw rig,
and dare I say, on the very rare occasions I plug a mic in and go ssb, I
often get complimentary reports. What have you heard that makes you ask
for one??
The WARC bands are very cheaply added with a couple of crystals,
although mine are very slightly off frequency and the read-out needs an
offset (no big problem). I read somewhere that the NB board was a waste
of effort.
I worked a DL stn a year or two ago on 80 m using a Delta II but that
TenTec rig is probably rare over here in EU.

On the list,            
         I'd be interested to know how many Delta 580s were made. Mine
is Ser No 1023 or thereabouts. I got the 283 remote vfo too, but can't
find a lot of use for it yet!
73s Rich (G4PCE)

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