[TenTec] RE: Delta 580/Corsair 1 differences

WA4VEC WA4VEC@aol.com
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:56:32 EST

In a message dated 98-03-24 21:54:06 EST, n4lq@iglou.com wrote:

 What are the differences between the Delta 580 and the Corsair 1 other than
 cabinet style? >>

The Delta is single conversion (6.3 Mhz IF) while the Corsair is dual (9 and
6.3) -- I beleive this was the first use of the 6.3 Mhz filters which are
still with us today in the Omni 6 second IF.

No RF gain on the Delta.

The Delta has selectible audio filtering with a provision for one CW filter
(500 or 250 Hz) in the IF.

No speech processing on the Delta.

No offset on/off switch on the Delta (you just center it in the detent for

No passband tuning on the Delta.

No spot button for the Delta.

No Ic metering on the Delta.

No selectable AGC settings on the Delta.

No selectable QSK speed on the Delta.

The vox controls are on the back of the case.

I am straining my memory here, but it seems the digital readout is much less
precise on the Delta due to the fact that it counts only the PTO frequency and
calculates the frequency based on the bandswitch setting.  The frequency of
the individual band crystals vary enough to make the readout accurate to
within only several hundred Hz across the bands.  The Corsair, I believe,
reads the frequency output from the mixer.

A few comments about the Delta:

It had the least internal noise of any radio I have ever used.  With the
volume at normal levels you could disconnect the antenna and hear no noise at
all in the speaker.

My Delta had the best noise blanker for line noise of any of the Ten-Tec rigs
I have had.

I wish I had kept my Delta!!!!


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