[TenTec] Delta 580 ... more Kudo's

Vin Legare vlegare@gnv.fdt.net
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:55:38 -0500

Hi, after reading you folks I also had to comment.  I've been seriously
thinking about getting rid of my Delta,  serial # 67.  But you remind me of
what's good about the rig.  I just haven't used it much lately but will
start using it more now.  I agree it has an excellent low noise rcvr.
Signals pop out in a quite band.  I've compared it to my Omni C and find it
a tad better.  The C's a bit noisier.  I've also owned a Triton and a
Paragon, and still think the Delta is quieter.  Not quite as good on
selectivity though, although the audio filters do a great job.  
    I'm fortunate, I have all the bands and calibration appears good.  I'll
put a counter to it this weekend.  
     Good hamming to all      Vin  W1TUJ

At 06:17 PM 3/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Seeing all this Delta traffic, I finally have to add to it.
>I LOVE MY DELTA 580 even though it just developed a case of trouble ..
>the freq readout scans up and down the band about 500 khz even though
>the "radio" is still on freq .. need to open it and find that poor
>I echo Walt's (WA4VEC) comments, except I still have mine.  I've been
>saying for a couple years that if I ever had to move to an apartment
>with no DXing possibilities and little physical room, the Omni V,
>Corsair II, and Cubic 103 would go and the Delta would stay.
>The Delta 580 has one of the best sounding rx audio's since tube days...
>it's just plain and simple >>> A COMFORTABLE RADIO <<<
>73 de Chuck
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