[TenTec] Fixed Argo 556

James Fielden fielden@utkux.utcc.utk.edu
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:28:20 -0500

Thanks to all for all the great suggestions on my Argo Drift and jumpy power

I replaced the var resistor with the same value from RS and it works just
fine.  As far as the drift and funny tunning goes, I fixed that do in a very
weird kinda way.

I pulled the VFO knob off and looked down inside to pto, I kinda gave it a
push up and to the right not much of one, with very little force (may not
have done anything)  Put the VFO knob back on, before I had noticed that it
was just touching the case of the radio, this time I left a much bigger gap
between the knob and the case, now the tunning works GREAT!!  Just like
described in the manual.

Thanks again for all your help...


Jim  --  KC4SMH

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