[TenTec] Ok, if the Argo was/is so popular.....

William Lee n5wrx@mindspring.com
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 06:11:34 -0500

Keith, you have overlooked a part of the 40m band that offers just what you
may be looking for.
I am talking about 7100 to 7150. The Tech and Novice CW portion.
You wont hear much super high speed there but if you are willing to forgive
a few errors you will have many enjoyable QSO's and be helping other new
hams increase their code skills.
They are captives in their small portion of the band and most would welcome
QSO's with experienced operatores who are willing to teach, by example, good
CW practices.

William Lee

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>> To: Robert Weingaertner <weingaertner@nac.net>
>> Cc: Tom H <biskit@snip.net>; tentec@contesting.com
>> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Ok, if the Argo was/is so popular.....
>> Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 8:36 AM
>But now I live in Vermont and the bands are definitly different here.  I
>get on 7040 can call CQ to have a nice S-9 QSO with someone in FL and I get
>3 replies, all down in the mud, all QRP.  I too have gotten so I don't call
>near 7040 unless I want QRP.  Unfortunately the band above 7040 is SSB and
>below 7040 is high speed CW and we all know that 7000 to 7025 is DX and
>super high speed QSOs.  Well, that's the way it seems at least.
>So I guess I'll have to stay with quick DX QSOs.  At least I can hear the
>- Keith Darwin -
>Ferrisburg, VT

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