[TenTec] I dont get it.

Steven L. Finberg w1gsl@MIT.EDU
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:08:11 EDT

Radio's chassie is conected to the battery negative terminal with a 
say 12 gauge wire.  Radios chassie is conected to the car frame
at the antenna with a RG 58 braid.   

The battery negative is also connected to the car frame with a 
very heavy braid.  Normally almost all of the starter return 
current flows  from the engine to the battery via the heavy braid.  
Only a small fraction takes the higher resistance path via the RG58 
and radio.

Now the heavy braid is broken or some mechanic fails to reconnect it.
You go to start the car....   300 + Amps tries to flow through your
radios connection to the battery negative......
12 gauge gets hot with more than 50 Amps....

Better the fuze blows and you can't start the car...

				73 Steve F

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