[TenTec] Re: Mobile Grounding

Paul Plasters peplasters@rockford.com
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 18:34:54 -0500

Gosh Guys;
You know, I can't help but wonder how often this has happened?  I am a
relative newcomer to mobile radio, having only done it since the mid
1950's, and I have probably just been lucky.  I wonder if it would still
happen with the radio turned off?  I wonder if it would be able to feed
backwards through the Zener diode that most radios have to prevent
"reversed polarity hookups"?    Oh well I guess we better do it huh?  Then
we are sure.
73,  I gotta go work on my mobile installation, Paul K9PEP

PS:  Hey wait a minute, the fuse I am going to have to use is a 30 ampere
one, will that protect my small radio wires?

Don't want no war guys, but I am having problems understanding how the
fused ground wire is going to help save my radio, if it is also grounded at
the antenna end?  Or am I supposed to fuse that also?   Plus the mounting
bracket is screwed down and it will be grounded that way too.
At 06:08 PM 4/22/99 -0500, rohre wrote:
>Roy and the group,
>The reason for the negative lead fuse in the mobile hook up is to save your
>Consider if the starter ground return to the battery, (The negative battery
>cable), came loose, became frayed, and parted; then the starter current would
>run through the antenna ground to the car, up the coax braid, and then
>your radio's common cable, and back to the battery.  Likely, internal
>wires of the radio would be the smallest gauge of all these and would melt.
>A good quality fuse and holder will not reduce the voltage enough to matter
>more than this safety precaution. 
>All the Yaecomwoods come with double fused DC cables now for this reason
as do
>the commercial radios for other uses.
>73, Stuart K5KVH
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