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Peter J. F. Shaw k4ldr@sunco.com
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 00:56:27 -0500

From: Jim Reid
Delta,  a net loss of 5960 licensed amateurs in the US
despite an increase of 15,586 added no-code
license holders.  Thus,  a drop of 21,546 license
holders with privileges below 30 MHz in just
18 months time!

The ARRL problem is loss of member subscribers,  and
the fact that fewer and fewer Tech class license holders
are ARRL members,  while still the most rapidly increasing
license class as a group. Per ARRL, some new Tech holders
do join,  but few renew after the first year.  But with there huge
numbers we will continue to see all the HT ads and product
reviews within QST.
Greetings Ten-Tecers
I have derived an opinion about the above no code licensee statistics
based on observations and analysis made while a resident of Atlanta,
GA and Citrus County, FL.  A no code tech has no need to pay money to
the ARRL for their services and information because many of the no
code tech licensees aren't hams at all, but amateur licensees
(persons) who have found a more economical (cheaper) alternative to
cellular mobile telephone service.  I hear this style of mobile
telephone usage on the 2M and 70CM repeaters predominantly.  Weeks or
more pass without any mention of amateur radio or its related topics
in repeater conversations.  It is truly sad, and I am depressed about
it. As I see it, the huge mistake was establishing a no code license
class without a 2 to 4 year sunset (specific term).  Here, there are
600+ amateur licensees in this 115K population county and you can
count on two hands the number of hams.  When times change like this,
it isn't for the better;  at least in my book.
73  Pete K4LDR  Citrus County, FL on the Gulf of Mex

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