[TenTec] Lets Talk CW

randas@mindspring.com randas@mindspring.com
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 19:29:16 -0500

Hello to all...I was wondering about a few things I thought I'd throw out to
the group for suggestions/comments.

First..I've always thought it'd be nice to have a audio CD made up of high
speed cw. I'm not sure how long a normal CD will play...but I'd like to have
1/2 the CD at 30 wpm..1/4 at 35 wpm...1/4 at 40wpm. Just plain text of
anything..book, manual. I know there have to be several of my fellow
Ten-Tec'ers with a CD recorder that might tell me how hard that might be to

Second...I'll be getting a Ten-Tec 40m QRP kit for Xmas. :-)  Really looking
forward to the assembly challenge ahead of me. What I'm hopeing for now is a
recommendation on a small keyer that I can put inside the rig. Don't need
any kind of memories..just that it be iambic (sp?)

So what'd ya say guys  AR

de Tim  K0FL


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