[TenTec] Old stuff

Mike & Lara Pagel pagel@wi-net.com
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 19:00:08 -0600

Two things to remember about being "old".....

1)  "Old" is best defined as 15 years older than your present age.    30 is
old when you're 15, and 90 is old when you're 75.  I suspect that TenTec's
Service Department employs the same definition when dealing with their used
equipment.  Little, it seems, is too "old" for them to service.

 2)  Ashley Montagu said it best:  "The idea is to die young as late as

73 to all, both young and old
de Mike, K9UW (48)
Amherst, WI

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Well now I have to get in here and comment. Jeff has
called Ariel and me an "Old Goat's". I don't think I'm
that old (56).

Come to think of it, after having been
licensed for 41+ years maybe I AM an "Old Goat".

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