[TenTec] Pegasus Software/PcPakRatt Version 1.0/NT 4.0 Performance

Steve Baron SteveBaron@starlinx.com
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 15:16:07 +0100


Downloaded the Pegasus software this morning since I had not received a
response to my question as to whether it is 16 or 32 bit software.

The install is definitely 16 bit so one has to assume that the software is
16 bit.  TT has opted to distribute this software so that you cannot see
what is being installed and I am not about to blindly install and run the
risk of over writing DLL's, etc.

Seems to me we have heard that the software is done with Visual Basic and
one program runs on win 3.1, 3.11, 95,98, and NT.  So, the question would be
whether it is version 3 of VB or the 16 bit version of version 4.

ALthough NT will run many 16 bit applications, I think one has to ask how
well behaved your particular applications are and if they carry the 16 bit
Windows programming model to an extreme i.e. essentially constantly

Are you running these in separate machines ?

Does anything show up when you look at performance info under task manager ?

Did you ever try to run CT under 95 for CW ?  That also illustrates some
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From: Karl Heimbach <heimbachk@mindspring.com>
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Date: Thursday, September 09, 1999 1:29 PM
Subject: [TenTec] Pegasus Software/PcPakRatt Version 1.0/NT 4.0 Performance

>Is anyone else running the above combination?  I've observed some rather
>bizarre occurrences with the Pegasus software since installing PcPakRatt.
>I 've been running the Pegasus software on an AMD 450 MHz chip under NT
>Workstation 4.0, Service Pack 5, for a couple of weeks without incident.
>After installing the AEA software and connecting a PK-232MBX to second com
>port, I've had difficulty with both pieces of interface software.
>Incidentally, once both programs were installed, some of the below problems
>occur without running both applications simultaneously.
> Specifically:
>Pegasus Version 1.56
>a)    Program runs slower in general.
>b)    Virtual tuning knob is slow to respond to the mouse.
>c)    On one occasion, no communications could be established between the
>and the transceiver.  Reinstalled the software three different times,
>checked registry, etc. without any improvement.  Finally had to reflash the
>Pegasus firmware to get everything working again.
>d)    Frequencies stuffed into memories are sometimes forgotten.
>PcPakRatt Version 1.0
>a)    Program runs slower.
>b)    PC loses communications with the PK-232MBX.
>c)    Delays in PACTOR function keys (haven't tried any of the other
>d)    Intermittent transmit.
>There is an obvious interference between the com ports and suspect that
>PcPakRatt is the offender.  What is strange, however, is that once
>was installed, the Pegasus problems sometimes occur even with the PK-232MBX
>disconnected from the computer and PcPakRatt removed from the system.
>(Suspect that PcPakRatt does not clean up after itself when uninstalled!)
>Karl - W5QJ
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