[TenTec] Comparison of Omni C and Trigon IV?

Steve Ellington N4LQ@iglou.com
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 20:23:38 -0400

The Omni C was the end of the Triton era. Yes, the Triton was constantly
added to and improved until the Omni C. Then the Corsair came out with the
extra IF and everything changed. So you can expect the Triton to perform
like an Omni C minus all the extra features such as 160m, WARC bands,
selectable xtal filtering, digital readout etc. The same basic RF, mixer and
IF system is used in both rigs.
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> Dear Friends:
> Please forgive me this use of your time and BW.  But I am considering
> purchasing a Triton IV, based solely on comments about it I have seen here
> on the reflector.
> I already own a Ten-Tec Omni C and a Corsair II.  They are wonderful rigs
> for my use.  But if the Triton IV is notable better, I am ready to move on
> the deal.
> Can one or all of you give me a quick response?  Would surely be helpful.
> I appreciate all you may be able to write.
> 72,
> --Doc Lindsey/K0EVZ
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