[TenTec] Vibroplex Iambic paddle

Sherrill WATKINS SEWATKINS@dgs.state.va.us
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 14:18:47 -0400

In my opinion, Vibroplex makes the best standard iambic paddle, cost vs. quality considered.  It is very well made with chrome plated
parts and has a heavy base with knerled screw type nuts for the electrical connections.  (No soldering wires to lugs on the bottom
side like the Bencher.)   It is slightly larger and much stronger constructed than the Bencher.  Also, it is about  the cost of the
G4ZPY unit.  It is very well suited to people, like myself, who have large hands (paws?).   If you try one, you will not be
disappointed! -  73's -  Sherrill W.   k4own 

>>> "John, KE5C" <ke5c@vvm.com> 04/12/00 01:05PM >>>

> I use a regular VHS paddle made for me by G4ZPY and its no lightweight
> job. Gordon lives fairly near to me; he operates a small family
> business and makes stuff strictly to order; he is VERY busy.
> I also have a Bencher and a March paddle. Since I got the VHS and the
> March, the Bencher has been standing idle. The VHS is used on my K2

Me too on the VHS paddle - I sold my Bencher!

73, de ke5c, op  john

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