[TenTec] Omin VI Audio Monitor??

Jim Reid kh7m@hsa-kauai.net
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 13:07:54 -1000


Am fooling around with K6STI's (Brian Beezley's)
RITTY program.  Used to use it with my Yaesu
rig.  However,  I have not figured out how,  with
the Omni,  to monitor the output signal.  With the
Yaesu,  monitoring the output audio signal and
"loudness"  was a front panel push button and
knob control.  Can't find these on the Omni--
maybe just not possible??

Omni operates the RITTY program just fine, both
rcv and xmit.  Can see the output is occurring on
my power meter,  and of course the intended
transmitted text is on the computer monitor,  so
all is "working" fine,  except,  no audio monitor
tone that I can find,  hi.  Just finished copying a
latest bulletin from W1AW on 20 meters;  very
weak signal out here,  but printed just  fine.

Any thoughts.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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