[TenTec] Need Manual for Corsair and Power Supply

kennyt@fastdata.net kennyt@fastdata.net
Sun, 23 Apr 2000 09:22:34 -0500

I recently bought a used Ten-Tec Corsair with External VFO and External
Power Supply/Speaker.  I have the Manual for the External VFO, but not
for the Corsair or Power Supply/Speaker.  I haven't transmitted on it
yet, as It having a DRIVE as WELL as a RF POWER Control.  I have always
owned Over Seas radios and never a Ten-Tec.  Could you please tell me
how to operate the transmitter?  It is supposed to have all the optional
filters in it also.  All Advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!  If anyone has
the manuals that would be greatly appreciated also.

Best 73

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