[TenTec] Scout Freq stability problems!

Robert Weingaertner weingaertner@nac.net
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 22:15:53 -0400

Ed, it sounds like a problem in the PTO (VFO). It is tuned by a
slug that is driven in and out of the coil by a screw mechanism.
My guess it that there is something worn or loose in the drive screw
components or in the spring tensioner. Spring tension on the coil
is set by some spacers on the shaft that the spring rides on. You will
see what I mean when you open it up. Unfortunately, the PTO module
is under another board, so you will have to do some disassembly
to get to it. It is user serviceable, but not fun, so if you are not
mechanically inclined, it might be best to send it to Ten-Tec. The
factory may also send you a new PTO on an exchange basis. I think that
they still provide this service.

I am not aware of this being a generic problem with Scouts.

			73, Bob WB2VUF
Avila, Edward wrote:
> Well, I'm now batting zero for two purchases of used Ten Tec
> gear.....promised by the seller to be working FB, but both purchases were
> broken when received in the mail (last one was obvious someone had tried to
> fix the problem described below, but failed, so just sell it to me)!!! Too
> bad, really like Ten Tec radios, but getting tired of buying someone else's
> broken stuff!!!
> Anyway, so I now own 5-year-old Scout with very serious mechanical
> frequency-stability problem!!!! Just bumping the rig and it changes
> frequency and it's really bad when twisting the radio frame!
> My Ten Tec ham friend sez this was a known problem with these units. Can
> anyone tell me where the problem is in rig and if there's a fix for it? I
> suspect it involved the varactor tuning assembly?
> Thanks again for all your help out there!!
> 73.....k6sdw

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