[TenTec] Omni V mic gain/ALC

AI2Q Alex ai2q@ispchannel.com
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 09:05:24 -0400

Hi Doug:

Try cleaning and lubricating the mic. pot. That'll likely cure the problem.
I use a product called Stabilant-22, available at automotive stores (v-e-r-y
expensive), for the purpose. It's a conductive polymer made by a Canadian
company called D.W. Electrochemicals (check 'em out on the Web). However, a
good quality volume control/tuner cleaner should work as well, unless the
pot's worn (which seems unlikely as they usually get very little use).

GL es vy 73, AI2Q, Alex in Kennebunk, Maine    .-.-.

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Mic gain on friend's Omni V is extremely sensitive.  1/8 rev of pot causes
full output.  Audio extremely distorted if mic gain turned up too high.  ALC
led works OK.  Could be ALC problem...  Anyone have any ideas or previous
experience with this problem?

Doug Spreng, W7MCF,  w7mcf@ctaz.com

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