[TenTec] Scout Freq stability problems!

Dave Redfearn n4elm@home.com
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 22:56:37 -0500

Avila, Edward wrote:
> Anyway, so I now own 5-year-old Scout with very serious mechanical
> frequency-stability problem!!!! Just bumping the rig and it changes
> frequency and it's really bad when twisting the radio frame!

Bumping the radio and twisting the frame is not a normal operating
This will cause almost any VFO controlled radio to jump frequency
including Argosys,
Corsairs, Tritons, FT-101s, KWM-2s, TS-520s, etc..... 

If the radio frequency does not jump around during normal operation,
sitting on the bench, then the radio may be OK. 

Re-tightening the screws in the VFO module and the radio chassis has
helped in some cases if the radio seems unusually sensitive to minor
bumps or thumps.

A VFO controlled radio may not be the best choice for a high vibration
environment like a car. You may have to try it and see how well it

That being said, I use a Scout mounted in my car as a mobile rig, mainly
for CW listening while on the drive to/from work. It works fine under
most conditions but may jump in frequency if I hit a bump or an uneven
stretch of road. I have also used it as a portable PSK31 station while
parked, so this Scout seems to be fairly frequency stable.
73 - Dave
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