[TenTec] Ten Tec: HF Equipment For Sale

Davenbarstow@aol.com Davenbarstow@aol.com
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 11:40:31 EDT

I have the following Ten Tec Equipment For Sale.
Ten Tec Paragon that comes with the Optional Model 258 Serial Port, the FM 
Board, and 3 optional Filters Installed, which are the  # 282, # 285, and the 
288.It also has the Giehl Chip that just about makes  it perform like a 
Paragon II. I purchased the above equipment new . It is in Perfect 
condition,There are no scratches or dings etc. Cosmetically and its 
Performance. I have shipping cartons and Manual. I am asking $1100.00 or best 
I also have the Ten Tec Paragon II that comes with 3 optional Filters, they 
are the Model # 's 282, 285 and the 288 . This unit is in very nice condition 
No scratches of any kind,Works and Looks as new.I have all Manuals and 
shipping cartons. I am asking $1600.00 or best REASONABLE offer.

I have the Omni 6 Plus that comes with 5 Optional Filters  Model # 's on the 
6 Mhz side are the 282, 285 and the 288. Filters on the 9 Mhz side are the 
Model #'s 218 and 220. I have Manual and shipping carton . This has very 
little use and is like new condition, In appearence and Operational 
condition. I am asking $2100.00 or best REASONABLE offer.

I also have a LIKE NEW performance and appearence the Ten Tec Model 253 Auto 
Tuner with a lot of extra (new Cosmetic Parts) This and Cables . I am asking 
$800.00 for the tuner or best REASONABLE offer. Parts and cables must go with 
the sale of the Tuner and they are priced seperately. E Mail me for prices if 
interested. I have boxes and Manual. This Tuner is as new , Looks and works 
perfect. No scratches of any kind any where.( not even a finger print) This 
is a great Tuner.

Also have the Ten Tec Original 301 Remote Tuneing Control. This one really is 
a nice one . I have the paper work. I believe it only works with the Omni 5 - 
6 - 6 Plus etc. I am asking $150.00 for this , and I am firm on this price. 

All my gear is like new condition. Any one who is interested I can and will E 
Mail Very deatailed PICTURES of the above equipment. I just got carried away 
buying Ten Tec Gear and I need to thin out. 

My Name is Dave/WA6CQJ
My E-Mail address is Davenbarstow@aol.com

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