[TenTec] Some Ten Tec Equipment has been sold

Davenbarstow@aol.com Davenbarstow@aol.com
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:27:58 EDT

                Thank all of you who called or E Mailed me on the Ten Tec HF 
Equipment I had for sale. I have sold the Ten Tec 253 Auto Tuner and all the 
parts, cables etc that went with it. I also sold the Ten Tec 301 Remote 
Tuneing Control. All the mentioned Gear has found a good home in Troy,Mich.     
                          Dave/ WA6CQJ
I still have the Paragon, Paragon II and the Omni 6 Plus Left , if any one 
should be interested.I am going to sell one of the above rigs or maybe 2 and 
keep the other to operate along side my Pegasus.
                         Thanks Again 
                              Dave / WA6CQJ

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