[TenTec] 243 VFO Manual and question

Michael O. Hyder N4NT@chartertn.net
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 14:17:57 -0400

Ten-Tec has the manuals.  While you are talking with them, get them to send
you a new section of the elastic bungee cord that pulls the pointer down to
the left end of the dial.  That is almost always the only thing wrong with
the dial cord.  The whole cord does not need to be replaced or restrung.
There is a lamp inside the escutcheon that illuminates the dial skirt.  It
is a very small thing with wire leads.  Put a 68 ohm resistor in series with
it if you replace it; it will last for a lifetime that way.  Access to that
lamp is by removing the front panel from the VFO, then removing the
escutcheon from the front panel.

To more easily replace the dial skirt on the shaft, make a loop of dental
floss and use it to pull on the D-spring while sliding the skirt on the
shaft.  Then just pull the floss out.  (This old Indian trick is courtesy of
Steve, N4LQ).

Regards, Mike N4NT@chartertn.net

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| Ten Tec's
| Lucky enough to have picked up a TT 243 VFO to go with my Omni D.
| Anyone have a copy of the manual / book that can be copied ?
| How difficult is it to re - string the dial cord ?
| Cost of a new cord ?
| Dial light up as the "D" does ?
| Thanks,
| 73,
| Gordon  kw4cz

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