[TenTec] too many rigs, not enough time

Sherrill WATKINS SEWATKINS@dgs.state.va.us
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 15:44:07 -0400

Dear Mr. Paley:  I read with interest your lofty comments about the Century 22.  I would appreciate knowing your reasons for
considering this rig in such high esteem.  Apparently, I have missed something or am not aware of the wonderful characteristics of
the Century 22?  What is it that makes them so sought after by so many?  Many thank's-  Sherrill W.  k4own. 

>>> "Mark Paley" <mpaley@wcnet.org> 06/07/00 04:52PM >>>

I am selling the following:

Tentec Century 21 analog...works perfectly, real hot receiver...cosmetically
8 1/2+...$200.00

Tentec Century digital...works perfectly, cosmetically about 8 1/2+...$225.

Tentec Antenna tuner/SWR bridge model 277 a few slight scratches on front

Tentec XTAL calibrator model 276--will swap for XTAL calibrator 226 or sell
for $25.

I have only owned the above mentioned equipment for a few months--just
picked up a Century 22--the rig of my dreams so I won't need these items.

Mark Paley--KF8KL--

K2 #250

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