[TenTec] What kind of wire antenna to use??

kennyt kennyt@fastdata.net
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 18:07:18 -0500

I see a lot of different kinds of postings.  Here Is one I haven't seen for
the short time I have been on here.  I would like to run either QRP
or no more than 100 watts output.  I have a big yard, but the most I can get
up a wire antenna <dipole> at the center is 31ft.  I would like to hear from
those who have put together a great station for a GREAT SIGNAL(stateside)
for the 80-10 meters.   I have been looking at the 525d Ten-Tec rig a
gentleman has.  If I had to choose on my favorite bands would be 80, 40, 20.
Also what kind of support poles could be made for these wire antennas?

Thank you for reading

73 to all


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