[TenTec] What kind of wire antenna to use??

Sherrill WATKINS SEWATKINS@dgs.state.va.us
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:40:45 -0400

I usually do not respond to anonymous posts.  However, one of the best wire antennas for ease of erection and low cost is the "Lazy
H".  It is basically two dipoles stacked vertically over each other and fed in the center.  For best results it should be as high as
possible and the upper and lower dipole should be spaced a minimum of 3/8 wavelength.  To make the system operate multiband it should
be fed exactly midway, between  each dipole. Open wire line makes the best transmission line.  The feed point impedance will be
complex, so a Johnson Matchbox will work well.   It will exhibit considerable gain if each leg of the dipole is made 5/8 wavelength
long for the lowest frequency and the height can be made  wavelength above ground.  Over the past 50 years, there have been several
articles about the lazy H in QST.  Also, the older ARRL Antenna Manuals from the '50's and '60's had good articles about them. - 
Sherrill W.  k4own 

>>> "kennyt" <kennyt@fastdata.net> 06/13/00 07:07PM >>>

I see a lot of different kinds of postings.  Here Is one I haven't seen for
the short time I have been on here.  I would like to run either QRP
or no more than 100 watts output.  I have a big yard, but the most I can get
up a wire antenna <dipole> at the center is 31ft.  I would like to hear from
those who have put together a great station for a GREAT SIGNAL(stateside)
for the 80-10 meters.   I have been looking at the 525d Ten-Tec rig a
gentleman has.  If I had to choose on my favorite bands would be 80, 40, 20.
Also what kind of support poles could be made for these wire antennas?

Thank you for reading

73 to all


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