[TenTec] Kauai Field Day & Omni Filter Set Up

Jim Reid kh7m@hsa-kauai.net
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 13:11:12 -1000


Three or four KH6 club stations plan to be active this coming
weekend,  mostly from beach side sites from Oahu,  the
Big Island of Hawaii,  and Kauai.

Here on Kauai,  we will be on the island's East side at
Nukoli'i beach.  Set up will be in two tandem 20x20 foot tents,
should have four or five operating positions;  three
beam antennas,  all aimed stateside,  and a 40 meter,
Moxon rectangle (see June QST,  pg. 38) beside the 
beach,  again directed stateside, NW from here.  Also
a kite born antenna for 160/80, and perhaps an
80 meter dipole up as high as we can get it.

The kite is huge,  and can easily float the low band
vertical well out over the ocean.

The Kauai Club will be using the call KH6S.  This is to
honor Col. Bill  Baisely,  resident of this island of
nearly 30 years,  who just in early June was forced to
relocate to an Air Force officer's retirement care home
on the mainland.  We miss  him already!

Bill, KH6S, was one of the original members of KARC, we will
use his callsign as the official Field Day Callsign for the 
year 2000.  All requests for QSL cards for any of this year's 
Field Day contacts with KH6S should be sent to the club's 
mailing address:  

6605 ALAHELE ST,  KAPAA HI 96746, USA 

Have fun,  we hope to!  We will operate only the 24 hours,
1800 UTC Saturday to the same hour Sunday,  as we will
begin our set up on Friday the 23rd.

[For Ten Tec aficionados:

My Omni VI+ has had the filter alignment changed
just for Field Day;  to benefit many operators,  I hope.
First 9 mHz filter is the INRAD 2.8 kHz unit;  this is
the filter through which both xmit and rcv signals pass.
Next,  at N1 is the INRAD 10 pole, 2.4kHz SSB filter.
At N2 is the INRAD #753,  400 Hz CW filter.
In the second IF,  at 6 mHz,  again the "standard"
TT first 2.4 filter has been replaced with the INRAD
2.8 kHz unit.  The TT 1.8 kHz SSB filter is in it's
assigned position (and button).  At the 500 button
position is again an INRAD #700,  400 Hz filter;
and in the 250 button position is an INRAD #751,
250 Hz CW filter.  

I removed the TT 250 Hz, CW 500 Hz audio center filter,
fearing it would be too lossy and a bit touchy to use
by folks not familiar with it.  Also wanted the filters
to agree with the button labels in the second IF,  hi!

End of Ten Tec stuff. ]

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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