[TenTec] PTO rebuild grease

Michael O. Hyder N4NT@chartertn.net
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:15:51 -0400

I called a local fancy bike shop some time back looking for Phil Wood grease
and was told they had it, but only in tubs.  They filled a 35mm film
canister for me free.  That ought be enough of the stuff to re-grease 50 or
more PTO's.

It has been in 5 PTO's for only a year but sure did make them work smooth!

Regards, Mike N4NT@chartertn.net

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Subject: [TenTec] PTO rebuild grease

| Hi TT Fans,
| Clark's comments about the white grease has led me to comment on my
| for this application...
| Phil Wood Bicycle grease sold at bike stores makes the claim that it is
| until the inclusion of dirt....   Over the years I have used this grease
| PTO applications (and many other applications), and have never seen it to
| separate or harden with time like just about all the others.  Try it, you
| may like it !!
| Regards,  Ken  K5ID

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