[TenTec] WTB Century 22

Joe L Blackwell aa4nn@juno.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 06:59:16 -0400

Dr OM Sherrill,
What kind of rig(s) do you own and why in the world did you buy (it)
them) ???
I've owned all manner of Ten-Tec rigs, and would like to have a Century
just for the beauty of it.  What, pray tell, is wrong with that ?
de Joe Blackwell  -  aa4nn

Sherrill WATKINS writes:
> Dick:  Why on earth would you want a Century 22?? 
> I am looking for a TenTec Model 579 Century 22 Transceiver and 
> it's
> accompanying Model 939 Power Supply.  If someone in the Group has 
> one or both of
> these items in good working condition, and would like to sell them, 
> please
> contact me via e-mail at knoxr@erim-int.com.
>     Thanks and 73!   de KD4BRL   Dick Knox

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