[TenTec] FS: Corsair II...A Beauty

David Hammond DHHDEH@concentric.net
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 17:33:09 -0400

Hi Everyone:

Offering for sale TenTec Corsair II Serial Number 90A10129. This is one of
the last production runs from September 1989.

This rig is now extra to my needs (per the XYL). I am its third owner and
have used it for about 2 years as back up to my Omni VI.  I have not used it
for contesting.

The cosmetic condition is conservatively 9.25 out 10.  No scratches visible
and the silk screening on the front panel and dial glass plastic lens are in
excellent shape. Perhaps not mint but near so, depending upon your
standards.  It's clean and pretty.

Electrical condition is very good with no known abnormalities in its
operation. I have used the rig for HF SSB/CW work. PTO was rebuilt recently
and is working FB.

This unit is sold "stock" with NO optional CW or SSB filters, microphone or
power supply. Included is the original shipping carton and user manual.

The Corsair II was the last of the PTO rigs and as such is one of the finest
receivers ever produced. It is virtually bulletproof in the presence of
strong signals and is exceptionally quiet. According to U. Rhode, the RF
design of the receiver is one of the best. Install some INRAD filters for a
real surprise!  Known as a CW workhorse, its SSB performance will surprise

Will sell for $649 shipped CONUS. Please e-mail me with your interest or

73 de N1LQ-Dave

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