[TenTec] FOR SALE: Ten Tec Transceivers

Davenbarstow@aol.com Davenbarstow@aol.com
Sat, 24 Jun 2000 16:20:23 EDT

To who ever might be interested, I have FOR SALE the following TenTec 
Number one is a Paragon that I purchased new from Ten Tec. It comes with the 
following Optional Filters,# 282 , 285, and 288. It also comes with the 
Optional RS 232 Serial Port, and Board. it also comes wih the Optional FM 
Board. It also has the Giehl Chip that just about makes it perform like a 
Paragon II. (I also have the original chip in case some one wanted to remove 
the Giehl Chip) I have all Manuals ( Paper Work ) and Shipping Cartons and 
original packing material. Pictures of Paragon can be E-Mailed on request 
should any one be interested. This Paragon is in like new condition and works 
the same. Asking $1000.00 or make me a offer.
Number Two Ten Tec Transceiver is a Paragon II, that comes with the optional 
282, 285 and 288 Filters. I have Manual and all Paper Work, Shipping carton 
and original packing material. This Paragon II is in really great condtion 
and works great. Pictures sent by e mail on request, should any one be 
interested. I am asking $1550.00 for the Paragon II.
Numer Three Ten Tec Transceiver is a Ten Tec Omni 6 Plus . This is not a 
up-grade, I traded a Omni 6 in for this Omni 6 PLus. Very little use on this 
transceiver (receive or transmit) It comes with 3 Optional filters for the 6 
Mhz slots and 2 optional Filters for the 9 Mhz side. I have all original 
packing material and boxes for this Transceiver. Also have manual. I am 
asking $2200.00 for this one ,or make me an offer. E- mail Pictures are 
This is about the third time I have advertized these Transceivers. Some one 
could make me a reasonable offer that I can't refuse, That way I will not 
have to do this again in a week or so. 
Name is Dave
E-Mail address is Davenbarstow@aol.com
Telephone Number is 760-256-3359
Thank you for reading this add again and again and again.
              73 s and have a good day to you and your family.           
Dave/ WA6CQJ

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