[TenTec] Headset Mics

Mike Siegel ki6pr@elite.net
Sun, 1 Oct 2000 08:39:06 -0700

I've got a Heil with the HC-5, and it gives good response with the Omni-V
and Paragon, for contesting and DXing, but does not get good reports from
the local rag-chewing gang. I also have a Heil HC-5 stage mic, which gets
lousy reports, regardless, on the same rigs. Same mic elements, same
radios - go figure.

I have also heard more than a few Heil mics lately that sound seriously

I myself am looking for a headset equivalent of a T-T 705 mic...

73, Mike KI6PR
El Rancho R.F., CA

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