[TenTec] questions for Scout owners

D Bokan K3DLB greyhounds@cyberstreet.com
Sun, 1 Oct 2000 15:18:30 -0400

Hi Bill,

I just purchased a Scout in September.  I'm having more fun with this radio
than all the Japanese radios I've owned.   Yes, it is overpriced when
compared to some radios.  For example, the Kenwood TS-50 HF mobile is
selling for as low as $679 (new) at Texas Towers and it has all the bells
and whistles.  The Scout is well over $700 after you buy all the modules,
etc.  All I can say is  I love the radio and I'm getting great reports
especially good audio reports.  The receiver is excellent.  Plus, it's made
in America .  I recently was on vacation in North Carolina and took a little
time and paid a visit to the Ten Tec plant in Tennessee.  My son and I
dropped the wife and daughter at the mall in Pigeon Forge and drove over to
the plant.  The Ten Tec receptionist treated us like we were old friends.
She called Scott, product manager, and he gave my son and I a tour of the
plant.  Everyone was very cordial and took time out to speak to us and
answer our questions.  I left with a really good feeling and a few weeks
later made the phone call to purchase the Scout.

I feel I got more than just a radio.

Dave, K3DLB
Fort Myers, FL

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Subject: [TenTec] questions for Scout owners

>Hi guys...I am looking at the Ten Tec Scout quite seriously and have a few
>quick questions from users. I like to primarily rag chew an even mix of SSB
>and CW (with a straight key). I run an indoor dipole for 10 and 15 and am
>wondering how does the Scout do with keeping harmonics down and RFI? The
>dipole is in an adjacent attic area of my operating position (but a safe
>distance), so does an RF-rich environment affect the Scout? I used to own a
>SG 2020 but got rid of it. While it kept RFI down and was good on SSB, CW
>was not good at all, and that's an important part of my operating style. I
>like the Scout's receiver specs and testimonials I have read, but was
>wondering if you would buy another and still consider it a good value. I
>know some other new rigs in the price range offer more bells and whistles
>and bands as they say, but are you all generally pleased with the Scout?
>Please feel free to e-mail me direct off the reflector or on it -- but I
>thank you ahead of time for your help. PS -- the band modules do not bother
>me at all.
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